Monday, June 14, 2010

Sandwich Suppers

If you have followed my blog for awhile, you know I am always up for a QUICK and EASY meal--these meals usually include a sandwich supper! Sandwich Suppers are the perfect solution on those hot summer/spring days when you just don't want to slave away in the kitchen and turn on your oven.

Well, tonight was one of those nights! With the baby on it's way Wed. morning, I thought I would make something quick and easy. It was such a nice day today we enjoyed eating our dinner outside as a family and having popsicles for dessert. It was such a relaxing night, I thought I would share some of my FAVORITE easy 'sandwich suppers' for anyone needing a new idea for dinner :)

Tonight I made traditional BLT sandwiches. A few tricks-- I used my favorite homemade wheat bread on our sandwiches and it was fabulous (and much less expensive than going through 1-2 loaves of store bought bread). Also, use Best Foods Mayonnaise--a good, high fat mayo makes everything taste better!

TIP for cooking bacon--I LOVE this method my friend taught me a few weeks ago. No more grease filled pans and bacon grease splattered everywhere. Just put some paper towel on a plate, spread out your bacon pieces on the paper towel so they are not touching each other, put another paper towel over your bacon, and microwave for 6-9 minutes until they are crispy and cooked through (9 min. cooked a 1/2 lb. of bacon in my microwave). I then sprinkle the bacon with some salt (with most of the fat cooked out of the bacon it needs a little flavor) and they are ready to serve. Just throw the paper towels away and clean up is a breeze--LOVE IT!!!


If you want a doctored up BLT sandwich, these Ultimate BLT's are out of this world!
Tired of the traditional BLT sandwich, try this amazing BLT Chicken Salad

If you love pesto, this Chicken Mushroom Pesto Sandwich will soon become a family favorite--you will be surprised, but even young children LOVE this sandwich!

Try this twist on the traditional reuben sandwich--the chicken makes this sandwich less expensive and tastes just as good!

Are you always trying to figure out a side dish that goes well with sandwich suppers? This Poppyseed Honey Lime Fruit Salad is my favorite side dish in the summer. Use fruit in season for an inexpensive side to your meal. The recipe for this salad can be found at Mel's Kitchen Cafe (her picture is also MUCH better than mine--but...still, it's oh so yummy!)

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