Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wingers Sticky Chicken Salad--Make it at home for LESS!

This weekend we went to Winger's for their Winger's Sticky Chicken Salad and can I just say, YUM!! No matter how many times I make, or eat this salad at their restaurant, it is ALWAYS amazing! I did leave Winger's however, a little annoyed that I spent $14 on my meal (a salad mind you!) when I could have made it at home for MUCH less the price! However, the couple hours of peace and quite from kids and being waited on, has to count for something, right?? So..whether you want to go to Winger's and get their Sticky Chicken Salad, or make it at home, this will soon be your FAVORITE salad go-to recipe. The sticky dressing you will find can be made from items in your food storage and is a great recipe to keep well stocked in your food storage. This sauce is good over rice, on stir-fry's, with chicken nuggets, on wraps, and is pretty much good enough to drink! So..keep a good supply of vinegar, brown sugar, and Frank's hot sauce and you can have this salad any day of the week!

We made this salad on our local Channel 4 Good Things Utah show last year and it was a BIG hit!

Sticky Chicken Salad
2 chicken breasts, breaded and baked until cooked through (I just dredge the chicken breasts or tenders in flour, egg, and breadcrumbs. I then bake or fry them until they are golden brown. In a pinch for dinner? Use pre-breaded chicken for a quick and easy meal!)
2-3 tomatoes, diced
(can make homemade croutons)
½ c. cheddar cheese, shredded
½ red onion, sliced thinly
Ranch dressing

Sticky Dressing:
2 ½ c. brown sugar
1/3 c. Franks Hot Sauce
(you can buy this for inexpensive in a large, bulk size at Walmart--believe me, you will go through it!)
3 T. corn syrup
½ c. apple cider vinegar

Combine all dressing ingredients in sauce pan. Stirring constantly on medium high heat, boil for one to one and a half minutes. If you cook longer than that, the sauce will turn hard like candy. This dressing can be used on salads, wings, chicken, etc. This dressing will stay good in your fridge for weeks, so double the recipe if you like leftovers.

Serve the salad with the ingredients mentioned above and then drizzle with ranch and then the Sticky Dressing. You could also mix the ranch and dressing to make the 'Creamy Amazing Sauce' like at Wingers.


About Us said...

Shanda, this is life-changing! Wingers sauce is my ultimate FAV & I just made this tonight for dinner! I'm so happy you put this recipe on here! Thanks!

The Park Family said...

I'm not a corn syrup loving girl so I substituted 3 Tblsp. honey (clover honey) and then added 1 tsp. molasses in and it was great! Thanks for the inspiration! I wrote about it on

stewbert said...

I know this is an older post, but I had to comment. I'm pregnant and craving the Wingers roadhouse salad with creamy amazing sauce. Not enough to pay $6 a day to get it, so I just made this to see if I can cure my craving. It does taste like the sticky fingers sauce! Happy! I'll try the salad tomorrow. :)

Shandra said...

I am so glad you enjoyed it! This is definitely one of my favorite salads too!! Thanks for your comment.

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