Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Last Week of Case Lot Sales in Utah! NEW Posts: Positively Preparing

One more week of case lot sales :( I hate to see these sales go. Every day I have this panic feeling, like..Do I need anything else from the case lot? Do I have enough wheat to last me a life time? Did I buy a year supply? Ahhh! I just sent my husband back to the store for 24 more cans of white beans..can you ever have enough beans? Not in my family!

So..if you are in Utah and are able to take advantage of the GREAT case lot sales from Maceys, Harmons, Reams, and Smiths then have fun stocking up your food storage. If you do not live in Utah, but live in surrounding states that have a Smith's grocery store, they are having an amazing case lot sale, so check with your local store and see which items are on sale. (We are offering everyone a FREE chance to login to our website this week to see all of the good deals. View this post on our blog to see how to login for FREE!)

Okay, besides loving case lot, I have a new and exciting LOVE! I have always loved emergency preparedness, but have a renewed love for it these past few months. In my church I was given the calling (assignment) to help the families in my neighborhood to become better prepared. This left me feeling responsible for 191 families...ah! Just a little overwhelming. However, as I have begun my preparations and coming up with ideas, I have been thrilled with what we have been able to accomplish in just a few weeks.

I am going to be starting something new called, my 'Positively Preparing' posts on my blog. Why this name you ask? Well, I feel with anything in life we have to have a positive attitude. Becoming prepared is a BIG goal and can be overwhelming to many people. I hope as we take baby steps to becoming prepared that we will all be able to accomplish our goals together...with a positive outlook. Getting prepared really can be super-dee-duper FUN!!
Each month I will encourage you to accomplish ONE small step towards your emergency preparedness goals and ONE small step to becoming prepared with your food storage.

Because we are a half way through this month I am going to simplify our goals and only focus on ONE area of preparedness for September. This goal is probably THE MOST IMPORTANT step of becoming prepared. It is having your 2 WEEK SUPPLY OF WATER. Having an adequate supply of water in case of an emergency is crucial. No one can live more than a couple of days without water. Water is such a large part of our everyday life--washing, bathing, cleaning, cooking, drinking, etc. You really can't have enough water storage in my opinion!

Do you need a few tips on water storage? Download this handout I have created with basic water storage information. (I will have a handout for each preparedness goal for each month, so put together a simple folder so you can keep all of your resources in one area).


MONEY SAVING TIP: If you live in Utah near a Harmon's grocery store, EVERY Tuesday they have their Aquarius 24 pack of water bottles on sale for $1.99. They have a limit of 2 24 pks. per person, so keep that in mind. Hey..bring your whole family each Tuesday to get 2 packs of water and in a couple of weeks you could have your 2 week supply. (14 gallons is approximately 3-4 (24pks.) of water bottles) This is a FABULOUS price, so stock up! For those outside of Utah, watch for 24 pks. of water bottles to go on sale for around $2.50, and then stock up when they do.

You can also store water in 55 gallon drums, 15 gallon drums, in emptied out 2 liter pop bottles, in emptied out laundry detergent containers (only for cleaning), in empty Gatorade or Powerade bottles, etc.

One other tip: If you can afford a water filter (around $50-$80) these are great to have to take the headache out of rotating your water. Just buy a filter and then you can store your water as long as you need t. Just filter your drinking water when it comes time to use it. Once your water storage in your home is also depleted, you can use your filter to filter other water sources; your toilet water, a pond or water source nearby, water heater water, etc.

The filter I use is the Katadyne and it seems to work well.


Toni Tralala said...

This is a great post! We all should do that. It looks like you've got it covered!

michelle said...

Hey, want a great recipe for using those cannelini beans? My sister just sent me a link to this pizza dough recipe a week ago. I tried it and it turned out great, though I would add a bit more salt for flavour, the next time. It was a little bland tasting. Nobody could tell that the dough was made with beans and it is a great way to make a complete protein.

I actually doubled the recipe so that I could use up the whole can and then I froze half of the dough. I just used our usual pizza sauce and toppings. We like our pizzas cooked on the barbecue, but I'm sure it would work just as well in the oven.

michelle at northofthe49 dot com

Anonymous said...

I love it when you go shopping and post the picture. Keeps me motivated. My goal is to reach at least half of your stock pile.
Yes, the new posting will be good to get people motivated to start taking care of their food stock. Love your site

Julene said...

Yay! I have the same calling and it has been one year this month. I love helping people gather and store food and supplies. It has been kind of hard to keep people motivated and thinking of preparedness like I do all the time. I love your blog and all the recipes that you post. Keep up the good work! (I think it's funny that it took your ward this long to call you to this :)

Kim said...

It doesn't look like the water handout is working when I click on the link.....I would also like to know which Katadyne water filter you purchased specifically. Thank you!!!!

Shandra said...

Thank you..I have it fixed now :)

We have the Katadyne Hiker Pro. It can filter 200 gallons and is around $80. We got ours on Ebay for a little less than you can get it for on their official website. It is also a good idea to buy extra filters so that you can change that out once it has filtered it's 200 gallons.

Hope that helps :)

Emilee said...

Thanks for the great post. I need the motivation. Sadly, we have a 55 gallon drum that has been sitting empty in our garage b/c I am not quite sure how I am going to get it filled. I have some silly questions for you: I have heard that you need a special white hose to fill it, is this true? I have also heard that it shouldn't sit on cement. Can I put it on some extra tile pieces or do I need to find some wood to put it on? And do I need to add bleach or special drops to the water once it is filled? Thanks for all of your great ideas and the extra motivation!

Shandra said...


Great questions! I am glad you asked these questions because they are ones I get all of the time.

No, you do not need a certain hose to fill up the 55 gallon drums. If your water is treated (nearly everyone's is in the US), it will already have enough of the chlorine and chemicals in it that you don't have to add bleach any longer to stored water. I am not sure what difference the hose would make when filling up your water container. It is recommended, like you said, to put a layer of something (ply wood, tiles, cardboard, etc.) under your water containers so the chemicals in the cement won't get into your water.

When it comes time for you to use the water you have stored and it looks cloudy or it looks like organisms are growing in your water, that is when you should treat it with bleach, drops, tablets, or filter it with a water filter. This is why a water filter is such a great investment. Not only because it will filter the water you will drink but it takes the headache out of how to store your water, how often to rotate it, how to fill your drums, etc. Just store your water and then filter it when it comes time to use it--one year down the road or ten. ;)

Hope that helps.

Ruby Leigh said...

So - I see Marshmallows, how long do those last in storage. I notice they go stale rather quickly once the bag is open, but if the bag is closed?

Shelley said...

Also I noticed in your stockpile...honey, but I can't find it in the shopping list. How much did you price match the honey for?

Shandra said...

I don't have a problem storing marshmallows because we eat them too fast :) Yes, once they are open, they become hard quickly. I have heard people keep their unopened packages in the freezer or they vacuum seal them in a glass mason jar. I just keep them on my food storage shelf in my basement and they seem to last several months. If I go down there and they seem to be getting a little hard, I whip up a batch of rice krispies :)

The honey is on sale at Reams this week. It is the Western Family 5 pound jar for $9.88. Walmart didn't have a 5 lb. container so I just price matched the 16 oz. jars for the per pound price. The cashier said that was fine. Costco's honey is only a dollar or two more, so if Walmart is out and you can't get to Reams, Costco is your next best option.

Have fun!

Karen Scoffield said...

I have a question about water. My mom was storing about 8 cases of bottled water from costco in her basement (cold storage) and didn't rotate through them. about 2 months before the expiration date she brought them to her kitchen to drink. Every case had a funny almost metal taste to the water. Is this because the bottom case was stored directly on the concrete and then it ruined all of the cases? I really can't figure it out.

Emilee said...

I finally got my water barrel filled. Thanks for answering my questions. I love your blog and Deals to meals. You have saved me so much time and money. Your wheat 101 post isn't showing up for me for some reason. Not sure why.

Rebecca said...

What size Katadyne water filter do you use? Price range and size if I have 5 gallon water containers ,and 2 liters bottle of water stored? There are all types and sizes available. Thanks

Shandra said...

I have the Katadyne Hiker Pro that was for $79.99 at Cabelas :)

Michelle said...

Do you mind if I use your water handout for an emergency preparedness activity?

Shandra said...

Of course you can use my handout ;) Anything you need from my blog to help people get better prepared, you are welcome to use!

Anonymous said...

If you live in Utah, there is a guy in ogden who sells pre-used 55 gallon water barrels. They had a salt solution called Dialysate in them. Very easy to rinse out and very cheap compared to buying from wal-mart. Our ward has so far purchased over 150 barrels from him. Plus he delivers for a small fee.
Kent - 801-718-2465

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