Thursday, February 17, 2011

Not about FOOD but it sure is FUN! Homemade Pillowcases

Lately, I have really enjoyed my small sewing projects. I had previously posted about the Happy Birthday banner, chaircover and placemat. It seems many of you were interested and excited about this idea so I thought I'd share something else with you. A good friend and I have really enjoyed making specialized pillowcases for our children. We have made pillowcases for birthdays, Easter, Valentine's Day, camping, Summertime, a girly princess one, favorite football teams, Halloween and St. Patrick's Day. They are very easy to make, I can make two in about twenty minutes.
If you are interested here is a quick recap of what I do to make them. All you need to buy is one yard of fabric so each pillowcase is only $3-$5. Fold the pillowcase right sides facing and iron to flatten the fold. Sew along the L and then turn right side out. Fold and iron down the top and sew around to make the border on top. Of course, you can get as creative as you would like. If you notice on my Easter pillowcases I incorporated two colors. Enjoy!



Shandra said...

Thank you for the inspiration of these Krista! It is funny how such a simple project can get the kids so excited. Who would have thought a simple pillowcase could be one of their new favorite parts to the holiday seasons. Such an easy and inexpensive sewing project! Thanks!

emily and jared larsen said...

Thanks for sharing a fun idea--we made Christmas pillowcases last Christmas to start a tradition to put them on each Dec. 1st. Our kids absolutely loved theirs. I hadn't thought passed Christmas--so these are way cute and fun and I am excited to do them for all year long.

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