Monday, August 29, 2011

Caramelized Tomato Baguettes & Zucchini Pizzas

Do you have tomatoes and zucchini coming out of your ears? Sometimes it is hard to think of new ways to use these two favrorite garden items. I have two EASY recipes that make for the perfect after school snack, appetizer, or side dish for your summer dinners. These Caramelized Tomato Baguettes are SO incredibly good they are as addicting to me as a homemade brownie covered in caramel. My sister made these for a baby shower tonight and I could NOT stay away from them. The sweet and salty tomatoes on top of the smooth cream cheese all broiled in the oven together is hands down, my favorite appetizer. My problem is they are so addicting if I make up a pan of these I can't stop until they are all gone. You are going to LOVE them!!
Spread the cream cheese on top of each sliced piece of baguette bread.
Dissolve the sugar and butter in a pan. Add the sliced tomatoes and let them simmer until they soften and the sauce begins to caramelize and thicken.
Place a spoonful of the caramelized tomatoes on top of each baguette. Broil until slightly golden brown and serve warm.
Caramelized Tomato Baguettes
1 long loaf of baguette bread, sliced into
1/2 inch slices

4-5 large tomatoes, sliced and cored
(if your tomatoes are extra juicy & have lots of seeds you can scoop some of the juices will help your tomatoes caramelize better)
1/3-1/2 c. white sugar
(I like mine sweet so I use more like a 1/2 c.)
1/4 c. butter

Salt and pepper to taste
(coarse black pepper tastes the best)
In a nonstick saute pan, bring the butter and sugar to a low boil, stirring constantly (just until the sugar begins to soften and simmer). Add the sliced tomatoes to the pan in a single layer. Turn the stove to medium high heat and let the tomatoes simmer in the butter and sugar mixture. Let the tomatoes and sugar simmer for 8-10 minutes or until the tomatoes begin to caramelize in the butter sauce. Salt and pepper the tomatoes. Once the tomatoes are soft and the sauce has thickened. Set aside until baguettes are ready. Spread each baguette slice with a thick layer of cream cheese. Place on a cookie sheet. On top of each piece of bread, place a tablespoon of caramelized tomatoes. Continue to top each piece of bread with the tomato mixture. Broil baguettes until the cream cheese is soft and slightly golden brown. Serve warm.

This second recipe I posted about last year, but wanted to remind of you of it in case you have forgotten about it. My kids love them and they make an extremely healthy snack for hungry kids. Simple and super delicious!! Here is the recipe along with several other recipes that are great to use up your zucchini and tomatoes.


Anonymous said...

I just made the Caramelized Tomato Baguettes. They are terrific. Not a left over to munch on later.

Shandra said...

I am glad you liked them! I am craving another plate of them right now. Yum! Thank for sharing and leaving a comment ;)

Beth said...

Do you think you could use honey instead of sugar?

Shandra said...

Sadly, I don't think honey would work. YOu need the sugar to caramelize, and honey doesn't work quite the same. If you don't like all of the sugar, you can cut the sugar back, it just won't get as sticky and sweet ;) I have done it will less sugar and it still works.

Good luck!

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