Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Great breakfast & lunch deals at Smiths & Kroger this week!!

Great grocery deals at smiths and kroger this week!
I am so excited to share with you some fabulous deals at Smiths & Kroger this week! If you have children and if you go through lunch & breakfast items as fast as we do, you will LOVE this sale. To save money I insist that my four school age children take home lunch. Some love it and some wish they didn't have to. However, those who complain, seem to complain a little less when I have a well stocked pantry with lunch options. A Capri Sun and a granola bar seem to be staples in most of my children's lunches. Besides lunch items, my kids go through several boxes of cereal a week! Sometimes, if I'm not watchful, they will go through several boxes a day ;) Cereals seems to be the cure-all snack for everyone's hunger pains (day or night ;). So...having a well stocked food storage with these items in our home is a must. I am excited to share some of these great deals with you so you can hurry out and stock up too!

All of these items will save you over 50% off the grocery stores regular price. I spent $45 at Smith's today and saved $54. That is fabulous savings! I also added a few coupons (which I'll explain below) which made my bargains even better! If you want a complete list of all of the other items on sale, feel free to login to our website. There are great deals all over the country--so stock up while prices are low!

Capri Sun drinks only .99 a box--that's over 60% savings

Old Orchard Juice on sale for only .99--save over 60%
If your family likes juice, this is the time to stock up! These juices will last 1-2 years in food storage so don't be shy...stock up and save.

Special K cereals on sale for only $1.49-save over 55%

Print a .33 off Special K Cereal coupon at to make your cereals only $1.16 each. That's a fantastic deal!!!
Special K and Nutri Grain bars on sale for only .99 a box!!

Print a .50 off coupon off each Nutri Grain Granola Bar box making these only $0.99 at Awesome deal!! Also, on all of the boxes of my Special K bars there was a coupon for $1 off 2 boxes. I grabbed a coupon for every set of 2 granola bars making those boxes also .99. Hopefully you can find those coupons on your boxes too ;)

cereal for only .99 a box!
If you (or your children) are not picky about 'name brand' cereal, this option is a great deal. Their Mom's Best Cerals (up to 18 oz.) are on sale for only .99. That is a fabulous price if you go through cereal like we do.

Have fun shopping and stocking up! Email me with any questions about these sales ;)

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Emily said...

I love posts like this. It makes me excited to run to the store. Thanks for the great info.

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