Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Three new stores added to Deals to Meals: Dan's, Kohler's and LoLo's

Three new stores added to Deals to Meal's price comparison grocery stores for Utah! Dan's and Kohler's are both part of the Associated Food Stores and will have very similar ads and savings to Fresh Market and Peterson's. We are excited to offer these deals for those who live in Utah County and on the East Benches of Utah.

LoLo's is a farmers market store located in Provo Utah. They have a small ad but their prices are FABULOUSLY low!! Nearly every item in their ad this week was a great deal, so check out their list of items on sale to stock up on. If you live in Utah county, LoLo's would be a great option of somewhere to shop or price match their deals at your local Walmart. One cool thing about LoLo's is that they will beat ANY produce prices in Provo/Utah County. So, if you need good deals on produce, their store would be a great place to shop!

All of the 18 grocery store deals (from Utah) are uploaded to our website, so have fun shopping!

For all of you outside of Utah, we promise more store's are coming! As we continue to expand and build our base here in Utah, we will be able to offer more deals in your area as well. Tell your friends about our service and we hope to be announcing more stores very soon :) Thanks for your support!

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