Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Case Lot Sales, Best Deals of the Week & My 10 Day Meal Plan

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More great deals this week! After being gone for a week, my empty fridge was in need of some attention. I went to Sprouts, Smiths and Walmart and stocked up on some awesome deals! I got all of the ingredients I needed for my 10 day meal planner, plus stocked up on 20 lbs. of chicken from Sprouts and then bought several food storage items from the case lot deals going on this week. Here are some of my favorite deals I stocked up on:

FEW of the BEST DEALS this week:

*Smith's has Mom's Best Cereal on sale for $1.25--that's 57% off the regular price.
*Smith's has their Kroger Peanut Butter 18 oz. on sale for only $1.25--37% off regular price
*Albertson's has Chicken of the Sea Tunafish for ONLY .39--that's 56% off their regular price (great time to stock up!!)
*Ridley's has applesauce on sale for only .75 a 24oz. jar--that's 41% off regular price.
*Sprouts has their boneless chicken for only $1.77/lb.--that's 49% off their regular price and their chicken is AWESOME--so stock your freezer ;)
Dynamic Deals, best deals this week, best weekly deals, Deals to Meals, case lot sales, 10 day meal plan

Many of you have asked about my 10 day meal plan. I generally go off of the meal planner offered on our website and then add a few new recipes to try for my blog. This week some of the recipes I'm excited to make and try are Cajun Red Beans and Rice, Asparagus Potato Soup (made tonight and it was fabulous!), Black Bean Lasagna (blogging about tomorrow), Chile Verde Chicken Tacos, Chicken Lemon Broccoli Pasta and MANY more. Hungry yet? Login to our website and check out all of the meals that go with the deals on sale this week.

If you live near a Smiths, Albertson's, or Ridleys, they are all having their case lot sales this week. Great time to stock up! Happy shopping ;)


Anonymous said...

Quick question, Your Walmart price matches for Albertson? I thought they were in Tooele? Also is it al walmarts or just the one close to me, but they have been telling me that they will not price match items that are like western family etc for their great value brand. They said it has to be the exact same brand and that they carry. Just wondering if this is just my walmart or if it is others. What walmart do you shop at? Thanks

Shandra said...

Thanks for the questions ;) Yes, all Walmarts supposedly throughout the country have changed their policies as to what they will price match. They will no longer price match store brands with their Great Value Brands (bummer!). They will also no longer price match items that they sell per item, that other stores sell per pound. Like if Rancho Market has oranges for .33/lb. and Walmart sells them for .60 each, they won't price match those. I have been told that if enough people call and complain, they could possibly change their policy at some stores. So, I would price match everything but those items still and then go to individual stores if there is something that is a really great deal you are in need of. Lame, I know. But, I guess I can't blame Walmart. They loose a lot of money on many of the items I price match ;) Good luck to you and watch for a post coming soon on how to combat the new policies. Thanks for leaving a comment ;)

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