Friday, December 18, 2015

Day 11 Giveaway: Skydrop Smart Watering System {$279 Value}

Congratulations to the following winners of our 'night out' and Deals to Meals Membership:

JCW's Burger Boys: Katelyn Hansen
Even Stevens: Carli Woodland
Salsa Leedos: Cherideth Starr
Cubby's: Marianne Carter
Jdawgs: Lana Slater
R&R BBQ: Melanie Adamson
DTM Membership: Tammy White

Thanks friends for being so awesome and supporting our 12 Days of Giveaways. It's been so fun to mail off the packages of gifts each day to the winners. It's really helped bring the Christmas Spirit to my husband and I, and we've had a lot of fun (despite the late nights and early mornings :) Thanks for sticking with us each and every day. Make sure and check back tomorrow for our final and BIGGEST giveaway yet! We will be giving away a $750 Blendtec Blender. I can hardly wait!! I LOVE my Blendtec and I can't wait to share one with one of you lucky winners.

I am really excited for this next giveaway. Several of the past giveaways have been products I love, so today I thought we would share a product that all of the men in your life will love. My husband Todd, loves every kind of gadget and digital device. He loves to find the newest and greatest inventions to help make life easier, and to save money. When you can find a device that simplifies an aspect of your life and can save you up to 50% on your utility bill, it's a win-win for both of us.

Did you know you can control your entire sprinkling system from your smart phone? Technology is amazing these days, isn't it? Did you know if it rains you can have a system that automatically turns off your sprinkling system, so you don't waste water? Well, here is a brief explanation from Sky Drop's website to help you know what they are about:

"SkyDrop is an award winning Smart Watering Sprinkler Controller that homeowners love. Our controller is the most intelligent system on the market with intuitive technology that connects to the cloud to monitor real-time local weather data, often from a weather station in your own neighborhood, to forecast where and when to water. It’s like your own personal weatherman, keeping lawns green and healthy year round while conserving water and saving up to 50% on landscape water bills. As with solar, many cities and states offer rebates for installing these systems."

I know for most of us, it's winter and we're not worried about watering our lawns. However, soon enough it will be time to start watering and spending all of that money on high water bills. It's a great time to use the coupon code DTM when purchasing one of these units to save you $40 off the price of a Sky Drop System. PLUS, depending on your area, you can get up to $100 of rebates from your water company, which makes this machine just over $130! Now, that's a great Christmas present for everyone. Thanks Sky Drop for this giveaway! Enter below to win one of these awesome systems for yourself ;) Good luck to you!
Christmas Affiliate Specials
*Sky Drop Watering System--$40 off your first panel using DTM as the coupon code.

*ClearPlay DVD Player 47% Off-take advantage of Clear Play's backorder special and get 47% off your new player and 3 year membership.

*Bosch Mixer $90 off-take advantage of Bosch's lowest prices and get a Universal Bosch Mixer for $90 off ($379.99 instead of $469.99). Visit the Bosch Store's website for more details.

*Deals to Meals Gift Certificates-take advantage of this ONE time sale and get up to 7 months FREE with a purchase of a Deals to Meals membership. 

*Ebooks only $0.97 each--all Ebooks are on sale now thru Christmas for only $.97 (normally $4.97 each). Buy them for yourself or a friend, they make a great gift!!

*Sun Oven $80 off and FREE shipping on your order of a Sun Oven Package (picture below). Order yours and get it before Christmas if you order by December 16th.

*Norwex Products: Spend $75 and get a travel enviro rag or body rag FREE. If you don't have a pair of Norwex rags, this is a MUST in my book for Christmas. You'll be surprised how happy these rags will make you--cleaning and all ;)

*Pampered Chef Orders Get a $16.50 FREE measuring cup set when you spend $75 or more. Check out our ten favorite Pampered Chef products and finish off your Christmas Wish List with some fabulous kitchen gadgets! Mothers, Mother-in-Laws, sisters, sister-in-laws, friends, daughters. You name it, Pampered Chef has products everyone will love ;)


Anandi said...

Sky Drop sounds like an amazing system, and fun to be able to control from my phone too!

kscott said...

This sounds super cool. Right now our yard is all dirt, but we are planning to put in a sprinkler system and grass this spring. This would be perfect timing.

Amy said...

My husband would love this!

Tasha P. said...

This is awesome! I love that it monitors the environmental conditions to optimize watering. There have been so many times where I see someone watering and think, really? Now while it is raining/in the hottest part of the day? Also, my area has $100 rebate!

VAS said...

Great product! wow..u can operate it from your phone

Tasha P. said...

Silly question, I entered my usual email address after completeing all the entries, but my fb, pinterest, and blog comment are associated with different email addresses. Will you still know it is me?

Sandra G said...

My husband would love this, gadgets are is best friend

Sarah G. said...

We are in the process of automating many things in our home and Skydrop would be an amazing addition. I love the sleek interface!

Faina Spaeth said...

Very interesting product, definitely something we could use!

Karen Anne Mahoney said...

We live in dry, hot Arizona and Skydrop would be SO HELPFUL for us! I would love this system!

carol clark said...

i like it cuts water usage by 50 percent and i love the features texas gets pretty hot and dry and boy o boy the bill is high making sure my fruit trees and garden keeps moist

Annette said...

I like this: eligible for significant rebates from your local water district or other government agency.

Mz Daisy said...

Awesome idea! Being awesome way to control sprinkling and save water.

Ivette Chestaro said...

Awesome concept. My hubby would love to own this!

Lana Slater said...

The sprinkling system needs an upgrade like everything else in the house we bought this year. It would be awesome to have a system we could control from our phone.

Josh Lippman said...

I love the opportunity to save money and time....seems like a great system

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