Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Saved over 50% on my groceries: Spent $134 and saved $143.79!

Check out some of the awesome deals I stocked up on this past week at Smiths. They had some great deals on cheese, peanut butter, rice, eggs, sugar, cream cheese and much more! When grocery shopping, remember to focus on the 'red/great' deals on our website to save you the most money. I only bought items that were red deals and saved over 50% off my total. Now my freezer is filled with cheese at the lowest possible price, my food storage is bulked up with sugar and peanut butter, and I bought everything at rock bottom prices. Now I won't have to buy these items again for several months which will save me BIG money! Visit our website and login to see how easy (and FUN) it is to save time and money ;)


Anonymous said...

How did you get all that shredded cheese if it's just the slices that are on sale?!

Nicole said...

Hi Shandra,
I logged into your site and selected Smiths. I don't see any deals on peanut butter, eggs or rice. Am I not doing this right?
Thanks for your help!

Heidi and Rich said...

She mentioned that it this past week. It may be helpful to post the pictures of your deals while people can still go and get the deals themselves. We should know the deals but seeing your pictures is so inspiring and help us see super great deals!

Shandra said...

Oh no! Sorry Nichole and Heidi. I meant to schedule that for when the deal was running. That is my fault, sorry! Yes, that would only be helpful if you could get them, isn't it?

The cheese was the Kroger 8 oz. for .99 at Smiths. It was for the shredded or block, not the sliced. There are awesome deals on cheese again this week here in Utah. At Fresh Market and Maceys they have their 32 oz. bags for only $2.99-$3.99. That is a great time to stock up again!

Also, Maceys is having their case lot sales continue through Monday the 28th. They have peanut butter, eggs and rice on sale as well, so if you live in Utah, I would head there to stock up too.

Thanks for your feedback and comments. I love hearing from you!


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