Monday, November 7, 2016

Amazing Grocery Deals at Smiths and Kroger

There are some amazing deals at Smiths and Kroger this week! Don't miss out on this chance to stock your freezers with butter and your food storage with pasta! This butter sale is as good as it gets, so stock up and buy enough for the next year. Yes, the next year! Why won't get any cheaper ;) I bought 65 pounds and that seems to be close to my years supply. Sounds like a lot, but it's crazy how fast it goes!

As for pasta, a years supply is usually about 40-50 lbs. per family. If you love pasta, buy a little more. If you don't, then buy a little less. Either way, this is as good of a price as you'll get, so stock up! I am hoping these deals will continue next week, so check Deals to Meals to see all of the best deals in your area.


Unknown said...

How to you keep the butter from tasting freezer burned keeping it for a whole year?

Shandra said...

I actually just buy the butter in a cardboard box case (package of 18) and keep it in there while we use them out of it. I haven't noticed a freezer burnt problem. Maybe just keep it away from really strong smelling or tasting other foods. The cardboard box must help out more than I thought ;) Thanks for your question.

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