Friday, November 18, 2016

Money Saving Tip: Prepackaged Chip Bags

For those who follow our Instagram (thanks mucho!) you might have seen a Money Saving Tip I shared earlier today. Making home lunches for my children can be a challenge and it can add up quickly. Although it is still much less expensive to send a home lunch, sometimes having all the 'fun' snacks, can break the bank. My kids love chips (they get it from their mother ;), so instead of buying prepackaged bags of chips, I make my own. The nice thing about this is that I can determine how many chips I want in each bag and what kinds of chips my children like to eat. It seems I buy those big packages of pre-bagged chips and they tend to only like a few of the flavors. So, when a chip goes on sale that my children like, I buy a couple bags and then come home and put a handful in separate bags for my children's lunches. This week chips are on sale for only $1.77, so I was able to get 17 bags of chips for only $0.10 each! That's a fourth the price of the bags you can buy at the store. Hope this simple tip helps your family save a few extra dollars each month ;)


Kim said...

If you have a food saver and freezer space, those savings can go even further! Put the chips in a food saver bag and then put them in the freezer. Truth is, you can put chips in the freezer in their original packaging even to extend their shelf life.

We do this as we order some chips not available in our area via mail order. In order for me to keep the cost down (shipping) we purchase a large quantity and put most in the freezer.

Shandra said...

Kim, great idea! Thanks for sharing ;)

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