Thursday, January 5, 2017

10 Day Meal Plan for 7 People for Only $153!

How cute is my husband to go grocery shopping with me at the end of our anniversary getaway? After a fun several days together in Midway, I decided it was time to go home and face reality of post-holiday healthy eating. You know you're in need of a grocery shopping trip when your kids have eaten cereal for several days in a row--morning, noon AND night ;/ With the holidays I haven't done a big shopping trip until yesterday. And let me tell you, it is awesome to have healthy food in my fridge again!

Look at all this produce I got? There were some amazing deals at our local grocery stores--it was fabulous! Can you believe I got all of those groceries for only $154!? I don't think there were more than a couple things in this entire stash that wasn't on sale. Many of the items were on sale for more than 50% off! I got all of the meat I need for my 10 day meal plan (chicken ( about for only $1.29/lb.!), ground chicken, boneless pork chops, ground beef, sausage, salami and boneless beef roast). Add to that meat all of this great produce and you have a healthy and delicious meal plan coming our way!

Guess what, you can do this too! Login to Deals to Meals to see all of the best grocery deals in your area. Besides that, you'll get access to thousands of our recipes, as well as our meal planner for the week. This will make your grocery shopping a breeze! Print off our grocery list, check the deals and away you go. It took me less than one hour to plan my meals, do my shopping and be back home ready to do some cooking ;)

Let's start the year off right and get planning some healthy, homemade, delicious meals your family will love!

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