Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Amazing Grocery Deals THIS Week!! Save $100's

There are so many great grocery deals this week I had to share a few. If you live in the western United States, you have a great chance to take advantage of some rock-bottom grocery prices. Smith's Grocery Stores and Harmon's have their case lot deals happening this week (ends Monday). Besides Smiths, there are also great deals at Maceys, Fresh Market and other grocery stores. There are some items like peanut butter, tuna fish, canned beans, canned tomatoes, canned vegetables, canned fruit and other pantry stock up items that need to be stocked up on asap. These are prices we haven't seen for a couple years, so don't miss this opportunity to STOCK UP!! Check it out and save $100's by logging into Deals to Meals.

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KB said...

I am wondering if you know of a good place to buy bulk (25lb. bags) of oats and different kinds of dry beans now that the LDS canneries are not selling them anymore? They are still going to sell wheat, but nothing else in 25 pound bags. Thanks for your help!

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