A tip from Sherry….

You may be interested to know that I attended a Sandy City Community Coordinators’ meeting yesterday. The speaker was Barbara Salsbury who is nationally and internationally known for her expertise in emergency preparedness. She lives in Sandy. Her big push was for each individual in Sandy to take personal responsibility for their own emergency preparation. She stressed a three week supply of foods that can be eaten right off the shelf (freeze dried foods are the exception as you can add water and reconstitute them) so forget cooking all that wheat and beans. She has been through a 6.5 earthquake and was without any source of power, light, heat, phone, personal comforts for three weeks before help came. Her survival secret – chocolate covered raisins! She said have some treats for those stressful times. All kidding aside, she was adamant in the instant food supply. Sandy City will be sending a preparedness booklet to all res idents to help them evaluate and prepare their homes better. We got a rough draft but more will be added before the final edition is sent. Barbara is the major contributor to the book. She also has published Preparedness Principles which is a treasure trove of good information. The cheapest place to get a copy is to go on line to http://www.cedarfort.com/ where it is around $8 plus tax. The price on the book cover is $26.99!