I’m sure all of you already know this, but in case anyone doesn’t, I want to fill you in on the BEST tip around! Walmart matches prices to ALL major grocery stores. A Walmart less than 5 minutes down the road just opened and it has been AWESOME!! With gas prices so high it wasn’t worth it to me to drive the 20 min. to the nearest Walmart, but now that it is so close it has been great to be able to match all of the RED deals each week in ONE place! The ‘red’ deals from the weekly deal sheet you have access to if you are a member are the items in the ads that are LESS than ‘warehouse’ stores (Costco/Sams Club) and beat Walmart prices. These are the items each week you should be stocking up on and adding to your food storage. For those who are members (if you live in Utah and are not–visit http://www.dealstomeals.com/ ) you get a list of the weekly deals that tell you which items in the ads are GREAT (red/stock up immediatly!), GOOD (blue/okay deals, only buy if you are low) and OKAY deals (green/only buy if you are out). We make it SOO easy for you to cut your weekly food budget. If you are ONLY buying items on the ‘red’ list, you will be saving anywhere from 30-80% on your groceries!! Walmart now makes that easier by being able to match all prices in one place–FABULOUS!! If you haven’t tried it, give it a try (bring your ads just incase they want to see verification on prices, or just bring your print out of our deals and they will match them).

Shopping is now easier than ever–and so is getting your year supply 😉