When deciding how much you need of each item for a year supply, this can be a confusing process. The following is a commonly asked question that was sent to my email:

QUESTION: Please help me solve a problem. Your 1 year supply of dry milk is _32 lbs_ for 2 people. Other food storage calculators say a 1 year supply is _120 lbs_ for 2 people. Am I crazy or is there a problem??

ANSWER: This is a common problem. The church has changed their suggested amounts several times in the past 10 years or so. They used to recommend 75 lbs. per person and the last forms I have seen say that it went down to 20 lbs. per person in 2002. Sixteen pounds of the 20lbs. is supposed to be dry milk and the other 4 lbs. can be evaporated milk, sweetened condensed milk, etc. I have heard the church has dropped the recommendations to lower amounts to help people feel like getting their food storage is doable. All totals are BARE MINIMUMS and where possible should be increased depending on each families budget and the amount of storage space you have. I have noticed that the church has pulled back as far as how much they talk about food storage. Their website is VERY basic and has minimal information now on food storage, emergecny preparedness. Maybe they think they have warned us enough over the past 120 years??

I would recommend if you can afford to buy more, to definitely buy MUCH more than the recommendations given. You also need to adjust the totals to your family’s specific needs. If your family drinks a lot of powdered milk, has small children, stores a lot of cereal in your storage, etc., then buy MUCH more than the recommendation–same with all other grains, legumes, etc. Start with the basic amounts and then as your finances allow, buy more when necessary.

If you go to my website (http://www.myfoodstoragedeals.com/) and go to the FREE DOWNLOADS tab then you can print off the ‘One Year Supply Guide’. This form is a basic form that tells the shelf life of each item and an estimated amount of each item for a year supply.

***The least expensive place to buy dry milk is the LDS Cannery. Buy it in the 25lb. bags and store in a cool, dry place–also, in a tote that can be kept away from rodents and moisture. The price just recently dropped to $44.45 for a 25lb. bag.

Here are some food storage calculator websites that can also help you know totals as well: