For those of you who are Costco members, in their last coupon book that was mailed out, they had a coupon for their Children’s Daily Multi Vitamins. Costco has GREAT prices on their vitamins and this is an important part of your food storage. Many people don’t think about vitamins being an important part of your year supply, but it is. In the event we were to need to live off of our food storage, we would need vitamins and minerals as a supplement. If fresh produce, meat and fish were unavailable we would need to get these vitamins and minerals from another source. Many of the white flour grains we are accustomed to eating (flour, pasta, rice, etc.) has been stripped of many of the nutrients our body needs. Wheat flour, pasta, other grains and brown rice are also important to have in your food storage to be able to give your body the added nutrients that white flour products will not give you. It is recommended to have a year supply of vitamins and minerals for your family in storage. This is a great week to take advantage of the coupon and get your vitamins at an even better deal! If you don’t have a coupon, you can call Costco and see if they have one there you could use.