If you are a ‘warehouse’ store shopper, you know like many of us do, that it is hard to leave those stores without spending your MONTHS grocery budget. Yes, bulk can save you money on certain items, but you have to be careful when shopping at this type of a store! These stores do so well because people assume that because it is a warehouse store and they sell items in bulk, they are ALWAYS good prices. This is FAR from the truth!

Many people ask me if I have certain items I buy at Costco. Yes, I do! MOST items will go on sale for ‘red’ prices that will be LESS than Costco, and when that happens, I stock up. However, there are a few staple pantry/food storage items that I try to always have on hand and that if I am out of, I buy ONCE a month at Costco. I have noticed the months I go to Costco more than once (or less) a month, I spend MUCH less than other months. The reason…there are SO many fun things to buy at Costco, whether it is clothes, decorations, nonfood items, premade/quick & easy meals (that are MUCH less to make myself), etc. So..it is better and will save you money if you only go to ‘warehouse’ stores ONLY when necessary.

Here is a quick list however, to help you know which items are ‘generally’ LESS at Costco and that are great to stock up on, add to your food storage and keep in your freezer:
cheese (mozzarella, parmesan, cheddar, feta, blue cheese)
string cheese
lunch meat
baking soda, powder, yeast
SOME spices
(ANY spices you can buy at Walmart for .50 is BETTER than Costco’s prices. The name brand spices however are MUCH less at Costco–McCormick Lemon Pepper, Montreal Steak Seasoning, etc.)
McCormick Chicken & Beef Base (One of my favorite ingredients, found by the spices! It’s just like bouillon cubes but MUCH more convenient.)
soy sauce
white vinegar
olive oil & balsamic vinegar
nuts–pecans, walnuts, almonds, etc.
Keep in your freezer and they will last MUCH longer.
lemon juice
garbage bags/kitchen liners
Ziploc bags
laundry detergent/softener
dishwasher detergent

Something also to consider: Some items at Costco are better quality than items you can find at Walmart or other grocery stores. Once you find those items that meet your quality and price expectations, then sometimes it is worth spending the extra money. However, if you watch the sales, you can many times find the EXACT items for LESS at other stores. Whether you buy food at Costco or somewhere else, the important things is that you are stocking up and becoming prepared 😉