I have still had several questions from people wondering how I store my grains (in my pantry). Well..if you read this post before Wednesday and you live in Utah, Maceys is having a great sale on their 5 gallon food storage buckets. I went and bought six of them (with lids) and have put my long term food storage items in them that I use the most (wheat, rice, flour, sugar, beans, oats). I then keep them in the bottom of my pantry so that I can easily access them when I need to use them in my cooking or fill my canisters on my counter. I have really enjoyed this method! If you have the money to invest in Gamma Lids, they will screw on tightly to your bucket and make for easy access to your food. They are expensive ($5.99 ea. lid) but only need to bought once and will keep your food fresh and sealed for years!

The key to making sure you rotate through your food storage is to make your food storage items accessible. If it requires too much work, you most likely will not use your food storage. You need to get it out of your storage room and into your kitchen. That is where you will use it and rotate through it.