The great thing about stocking up your food storage ONE week at a time, is that it is SO much less overwhelming! This week I was stocking up on three items in my storage…honey, tomato sauce, and marshmallows (a staple at our house..we LOVE rice krispie treats) I spent under $75 yesterday at Walmart and saved OVER $100’s! I saved so much the manager of the store had to come over and see what I was buying and how I did that. My favorite part of our service (it’s funny that I love it and I am the one that types it up every week) is the Tips of the Week sheet that you can print out weekly from our website ( It tells you exactly what the BEST of the BEST deals are each week (without coupons!), how much to add to your food storage, and how long each item will last. It takes the guess work out of your food storage. I usually just print this sheet out each week along with the grocery list and away I go. Shopping is SO much fun when you feel like you are paying ‘clearance’ prices on all of your groceries! I was even able to help the lady in front of me save over $20 on her groceries by telling the cashier the sale prices for some of her groceries. The lady was amazed that you can just tell the cashier the sale prices and they will change the price. Who knew shopping could be SO fun??

What I bought for under $75:
*9 lb. lean ground hamburger
*48 cans of tomato sauce (ONLY $9.60 for my families year supply! It’s not bad when you only buy one or two items a week 🙂
*22 12oz. honey bears (this was an AWESOME deal!!)
*10 bags of marshmallows (it’s almost Smore season!)
*10 cans of Enchilada Sauce
*4 Rice Roni’s
*3 Wheat Thin Crackers
*3 Suddenly Salads
My produce for the week:
*3 cucumbers
*2 lbs. strawberries
*5 Green Giant Steamers
*10 lbs. potatoes
*3 peppers
*3 lbs. carrots
*4 large tomatoes