One part of our food storage that seems to be easily
forgotten is the importance of having a good supply of baking essentials. Many of us focus on storing the long term food storage items, such as legumes, grains, sugar, powdered milk, etc. These items are obviously essential, but baking goods are also an important part of your
storage. If we were to ever need to live solely out of our food storage, it would be crucial that we have a few basic baking items to help our food storage items easier to use and be more versatile. The following are some items to store in your food storage:

*Dry Instant Yeast (have at least 2-3 lbs. per person) To help your yeast last longer, keep it in the freezer in its original package.
*Baking Powder (1-2 lbs. per person)
*Baking Soda (1-2 lbs. per person)
*Vanilla & other extracts (1 lb. per person)
*Salt (8 lbs. per person—an essential spice for cooking/baking)
*Cornstarch (1-2 lbs. per person)
*Spices (have a good variety of spices to make cooking easy and to help season rather boring food storage items such as wheat, dry beans, rice, etc.)
*Powered butter, eggs, milk are all good items to have in your storage to make baking easier if you were unable to purchase fresh milk and eggs.
*Cocoa (1 lb. per person)
*Vinegar (1-2 gallons per person)

Many of the above items are cheapest at Costco or Sam’s Club. 🙂