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Do you enjoy grilling and bbq’s as much as I do in the summer? There is nothing better than a crisp salad for dinner or a grilled piece of meat for a quick summer meal. Well, this recipe is one of our families ALL time favorite recipes and it combines grilled steak with a coleslaw and it is AMAZING!!! After we ate this for dinner the other night I turned to my husband and said, “tell me this was not the best meal I have EVER made!” He said it was pretty close to the best–that is saying a lot.

I originally got this recipe from another food blog, but I feel I TOTALLY kicked this recipe up a notch. Here is my ‘revised’ version of the FABULOUS Thai Steak Tacos:

Thai Steak Tacos with Cilantro Slaw
  1. 2 T sugar
  2. 3 t. ginger powder
  3. 1 t. sweet chili sauce (I made my own jalapeno jelly that works GREAT in this recipe--you can get the recipe on this blog, it's the one with the coconut shrimp)
  4. 1/2 t freshly ground pepper
  5. 2 garlic cloves, minced
  6. 1/2 c. lime juice (I like fresh)
  7. 4 T. rice vinegar
  8. 1 T. Montreal Steak Seasoning
  9. A few shakes of sesame oil
  10. 3 lbs. boneless steak, trimmed (top sirloin works great--watch for it to go on sale 🙂
Cole Slaw
  1. 1/2 c fresh lime juice
  2. 1/3-1/2 c. sugar (depending how sweet you like it)
  3. 4 T rice wine vinegar
  4. 2 1/2 t ginger powder (or fresh)
  5. 1 1/2 t sesame oil
  6. 1/2 t sweet chili sauce
  7. 2 garlic cloves, minced
  8. 1/2 c. mayonnaise (I used fat free)
  9. Salt & pepper
  10. 3 c. packaged angel hair slaw (or green cabbage--the cabbage you cut yourself holds up a little better to the sauce-but the package is nice on a busy night)
  11. 2 c. carrots, cut into matchsticks
  12. 1/4 c sliced green onions
  13. 1/2 c chopped fresh cilantro
Remaining Ingredients
  1. 10-12 (6-inch) flour tortillas
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  1. 1 - To prepare steak, combine first 6 ingredients in a large zip-top plastic bag. Add steak to bag; seal and marinate in refrigerator 20 minutes.
  2. 2 - Prepare grill or broiler.
  3. 3 - Remove steak from bag; discard marinade. Place steak on grill rack or broiler pan coated with cooking spray; cook 5 minutes on each side or until desired degree of doneness. Let stand 5 minutes. Cut steak diagonally across grain in to thin slices.
  4. 4 - To prepare slaw, combine juice and next 6 ingredients (through 2 garlic cloves) in a large bowl. Add slaw and next 3 ingredients (through cilantro); toss well to combine.
  5. 5 - Divide steak evenly among tortillas; spoon about 1/2 c slaw onto each tortilla. Fold in half; serve immediately. Yield: 6-8
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