People ask me what ‘extras’ (nonfood items) I find useful (or necessary) to store in my storage. I am not sure I have a complete YEAR supply of these items, but these are a few of the necessities I think are important to keep well stocked in your food storage:

*Toilet Paper (what would we do without this???)
*Laundry detergent (I store the liquid soap and a couple big tubs of the el-cheapo powder stuff you can buy 20lbs. for a few bucks–this would be my TRUE emergency soap)
*Hand soap (liquid, bar, sanitizer)
*Paper Towels
*Toothpaste and toothbrushes
*Shampoo & Conditioner
*Women’s sanitary products (is that what you would call those?)
*Bandaids and other basic emergency/first aid supplies
*Basic cleaning supplies (to sanitize your house in case of an emergency/pandemic, etc.) Bleach being one of the most important.
*Extra medication and vitamins (basic pain relievers, fever reducers, antacids, etc. are all good ‘basic’ medicines that would be good to have in case of an emergency–not to mention medication you need for more serious illnesses)
*Batteries & Flashlights
*Warm Blankets (in the case the power went out in the winter for a long period of time)
*Gasoline (if you have a generator–you can legally store 30 gallons on your property)
*Propane (in ALL shapes and sizes–small canisters, extra BBQ propane)
*Butane (for my small butane stove)

I am sure I forgot several items, but these are some basics that I don’t think I could do without in an emergency. If you can think of others…post them in the comments 🙂