Here are some quick facts about the food storage shelves my fabulous hubby built in our basement. Our storage room is not very big, but thanks to his great shelves, it actually fits a lot! Having a ‘food storage room’ really helps makes rotating and using your food storage MUCH easier. Try to organize your food storage room like a grocery store. Keeping it organized will help you be able to store more food, but also make it easier to use and rotate through.

For those of you who have asked for more details on our shelves, here it is:

Todd’s Shelving Facts: The dimensions of our cold storage room is about 15ft. x 5ft. I used 16” deep shelves that are around 12” apart. This holds almost every case of food that you can buy. Since the shelving sheets I purchased were 4’x8’ that also meant that I could cut exactly three 16”x8’ shelves out of each sheet without any waste. I also made my first shelf 24” off the ground for any of the larger cases, buckets, or tubs that we use. We have a “cold-storage” room that is all cement built directly below our front porch, so it is a great climate control for our stored food. As far as the material goes you can use the ½” thick shelving sheets and then brace them underneath with a 2×2 or 2×4, or you can use a ¾” sheet and support the shelf every 3-4 feet with a vertical brace.

I hope that helps 🙂