Are you so proud, I found a hobby that is better for my waistline than cooking! Cooking is by far my favorite hobby, but next to that, it would have to be sewing. My friend found these DARLING patterns for retro aprons (from Hobby Lobby) that will make anyone want to spend more time in the kitchen. They are so feminine and cute! If you are needing more motivation to be in the kitchen, try making a cute apron and it may be the trick to getting you to cook!

Last Christmas I also made cute aprons for my kids out of hot pads and a dish towel. You just sew two hot pads together at the top and then sew them to a dish towel at the bottom. You then sew a long strand of heavy ribbon all the way around the middle of the apron that can tie in the back. They turned out darling (sorry I don’t have a better picture) and the kids get so excited to put their aprons on while they are cooking.