Many of us are looking for those last minute gift ideas to give family and friends. Why not give them a gift that will be practical and useful for the upcoming year. Here are a few gift ideas that are UNDER $20 that make great gifts or stocking stuffers:

Under $10
**Gift certificate to Deals to Meals! As low as $4.95..give your friends and family the gift of saving time and money!
*25lb. bag of wheat, beans, flour, sugar, or powdered milk
*Batteries and flashlights
*First aid items
*Backpacks (for 72 hour kits or car kits–fill them with a few basics and this makes a great gift!
*Basic food storage items (canned or boxed goods)
*Non-electric can opener
*Food storage cookbook or book on emergency preparedness
*Fire extinguisher
*Pocket knife
*Compass or small camping gear
*Mess kits

Under $20
*Small first aid kits
*Flashlights for the whole family
*Jumper cables
*Camping stoves or gear
*Fuel for your camp stoves or grills
*Water storage containers
*Spices and herbs
*Seeds for the garden
*Good quality blankets or sleeping bags
*Car kits
*Bottles/jars for canning
*Ammunition (for hunting or home safety)
*#10 cans of freeze dried foods that can be put in 72 hour kits or in your food storage

These are just a few of the MANY gift ideas that can help your family prepare for a ‘rainy day’. There is nothing better than giving the gift of peace of mind. When our houses are in order and our families are taken care of..there is no greater feeling or gift in the world!