Here is a link for the recipe and video of our segment on Good Things Utah. You may need to scroll through the video window on the right hand side until you see the picture of the pancakes on the red plate.

(FYI–Don’t go on television 6 months pregnant–ah!)
Thanks to those of you who came to support me at GTU. It was great to meet some of you! We had a really fun time and like always, were excited to share a delicious recipe and help people understand how easy it is to use what is in your food storage.

a BIG thanks to my #1 fans–my hubby and my sisters..and my parents who were at home watching ALL of the children! I have three AMAZING sisters who support me in everything I do–I couldn’t do this job without them! (Ang, we missed you!!). Diana (on the right) is our California and Nevada Representative and Krista (on the left) is our Arizona Representative. They do an amazing job in these states and I am grateful they have chosen to help me with this business and turn their worlds upside down like mine (at times that is–especially at 2:00 a.m. every Tuesday night-ugh!)

The segment overall was okay, but there were two messages I wanted to get out during that show, which I am not sure if I did. This was to let people know how easy it is to incorporate basic food storage items into your everyday cooking. Powdered eggs, powdered milk, and wheat are items that people don’t store because they are afraid they won’t use them. With these items, think of it like an insurance policy. You may never need them, but buy them anyway, because in an emergency you would struggle without them.

Also, the good news is, with a little practice you can begin incorporating these items into your weekly meal planning. How you ask?

WHEAT: Buy an inexpensive wheat grinder so that you can turn your wheat into flour. Use your wheat flour just like you would white flour. Use half white and half wheat flour in any recipe that calls for flour. Not only is it MUCH healthier, but your wheat kernels will last up to 30 years (or longer) where as already ground flour will only last 3-5 years.

POWDERED MILK: For powdered milk, use my FAVORITE trick in cooking/baking and that is to substitute powdered milk for regular cows milk. It is MUCH less expensive and easy to use. The ratios are 1 c. milk = 1 c. water + 3 T. dry powdered milk. Mix the water in with the wet ingredients and the powdered with the dry. Powdered milk is also essential to have on hand if you were unable to make ‘one last trip’ to the grocery store in an emergency or in the case of a job loss. Powdered Milk can last up to 30 years as well (if stored properly-in a #10 can sealed with an oxygen pack). Dry milk is also VERY important if you have young children who are used to having a milk product. Store formula for infants and powdered milk for young children to drink.

POWDERED EGGS: Now onto powdered eggs. This is another crucial product to have in your storage. During the New York Storms the three items people ran to the store to get (amongst much chaos) was milk, eggs, and bread. Eggs are in nearly every baked good and many main dish recipes you cook for your family. Eggs are rising in cost lately, so using powdered eggs will also save you money in your grocery budget. You just add 1 T. powdered eggs with 2 T. water and that equals one egg in your cooking or baking. Same as with the milk, there is not reason to mix the items together and then add to your recipe, just dump it in your bowl and you are ready to go 🙂
**If you are really adventurous, here is a link/video of how to make your own powdered eggs.

Wow! There obviously wasn’t enough time in that 5 minute segment to say all that, was there?

Alright, onto the WINNERS!!!

Winner #1 of a ONE YEAR MEMBERSHIP: Carole Vierow, Utah
Winner #2 of a SIX MONTH MEMBERSHIP: Kayleene Ross, Utah
Winner #3 of a ONE YEAR MEMBERSHIP: Shanna Barton, Utah

Congratulations and have fun saving, stocking up on food storage, and making delicious new recipes!