Store extra cleaning and washing water in your emptied out detergent containers–the extra suds will make for the perfect washing water in an emergency.

Shelves that are only 6-8 inches wide make the perfect shelf to store your 2 liter bottles on.

I love the look of organized shelves, don’t you? There is something wonderful about having things in there place and put away in an organized matter. I am definitely better at this in certain areas of my home–food storage I like to keep nice and tidy, garage is organized and clean…however, my bedroom closet, not so much! So, those areas I like to keep organized, my husband has been sweet enough to build shelves for me so I can keep things looking nice.

The other day he was in the garage cutting up scrap pieces of wood and I wondered what he was doing. A couple hours later he surprised me with some added shelves in our food storage room and our utility closet/room downstairs. These shelves have been the perfect solution to my growing supply of water bottles and jugs. I love to store water in the 2 liter pop bottles or juice jugs when we are done with them. The clear ones we could use for drinking and the colored ones we would use for washing or cleaning.

Another great trick is to store your washing and cleaning water in your emptied out laundry detergent containers. Don’t rinse them out, just fill them up with water and store them on the shelf (mark them as water or you may make the mistake as we have before and used water suds in our washing instead of soap–oops!)

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