(We had over 40 loaves of homemade wheat bread made, jam, honey butter, food storage recipes, 12 peach cobblers, and 11 gallons of vanilla ice cream–we had enough food–few!)

This past weekend my husband and I were in charge of a neighborhood Well-Fair to help those in our church group and neighborhood get excited about being prepared. It was a huge undertaking and I am so relieved it is over and went well. We hoped that 100 people would come and were ecstatic that over 350 came–yay!!! We had six classes that were taught about food storage, cooking, getting out of debt, putting together a household budget, emergency preparedness 101, and a class on CERT training. We also had 7-8 booths on ham radios, gardening, food storage, water storage, 72 hour kits, employment, self reliance and much more.

I figured we have already put together the information for our fair, and if any of you would like a copy of the outlines from our six classes, you can download them here:


A couple of the pages may not be pertinent to you, but you can just download the ones that seem interesting or helpful.

I put together my booth on the importance of planning your food storage around COMPLETE MEALS. Many times people begin getting their food storage and buy a little of this and a few of that. This is great and will be better than nothing, but it is important to have ALL of the components to a few basic meals so you can feed your family real meals in the situation you had to eat solely out of your storage.

Here is our updated download of GREAT food storage recipes that can be made with ONLY food storage items. These breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert (who can live without dessert?? Not me!) meals are a great place to start when choosing a few basic meals to base your food storage around.