I’m sure most of you have experienced the feeling of being overwhelmed during the mealtime hour as a million things seem to demand our attention. Whether it is homework, your children, phone calls or work needs; mealtime preparation can get a little hectic. I don’t have the answers to all of those conflicts but I’ve found what works for me in regards to homework and children.
A perfect time and place for your child to do their homework is at the kitchen counter while you are preparing dinner. That way you can fix dinner without them in your way but still be available to answer any questions they might have. It is important to make this a habit every night so they are clear about their expectations and the routine. Getting both of these tasks completed at the same time provides for a more relaxing night.
If your child is too young for homework a fun activity to keep them entertained during mealtime preparation is playing with play dough. Set up some wax paper at the table (for easy clean up) and instruct them to mold any object, shape or play dough creature. Have them keep their idea a secret and when it is completed you can guess what they’ve made, this can be done again and again. This will be fun for them to have your attention and fun for you to see their creativity. You’ll be surprised that this activity can keep their attention for quite some time.