(The oceans, lakes, wharfs, and harbors were breathtaking!)

(Paul Revere’s statue across from the Old North Church–yes, I look (and feel) like I am about to POP!)

(The graveside of Paul Revere, Samuel Adams, John Hancock, and many others who served in the American Revolution)

What a week this has been! My husband and I, along with my sister and her husband, and my parents went on an amazing trip to Boston, MA. We found great deals on flights a few months ago to Boston and decided to be spontaneous and go on this trip before our new baby comes (one more month!). My sister Diana was SO kind and offered to babysit our four children while we were gone, so we jumped at the chance and flew out last Friday. It was such an amazing experience. I LOVE American History and am a political junkie, so this trip was up my alley! I have always been fascinated and amazed at the founders of our country and all that they sacrificed so that we could live in this free country. It was wonderful to visit and see so many historical landmarks while we were there–Paul Revere’s home, Lexington and Concord, Bunker hill monument, Plymoth rock, toured the Mayflower II and U.S.S. Constitution, toured the Old North Church, and visited every stop along the Boston Freedom Trail. Such amazing sites, stories, and experiences we had. I am so thankful for people who stood up for what they believed in and risked all that they had, even their own lives, for the cause of liberty, justice, and freedom. MUCH to be thankful for!!

Something else I am thankful for is living in a small town in Utah. I went to the grocery store today, found a parking spot, went in and shopped, and round trip was home within 45 minutes. OH…how different this is back East! I have to take my hat off to people who can live in big cities like Boston. Just to get to a store, find a parking spot (let alone pay for one!), shop, and be back to our hotel took hours! Between the traffic, lack of parking, and the cost, it made me all the more grateful to live out West. I know there are many beautiful and calm places to live back East and I am sure those are places I could live, but the places we visited were a ZOO!

(Our sticker shock of how much our small basket of groceries cost)

(One thing we don’t have in Utah–Fenway Franks. My husband had THREE hot dogs at the Red Sox game they went to, that was definitely his highlight!)

This trip also made me realize how thankful I am for LOW grocery store prices and how easy it is to build up your food storage on a budget. We went to a local Stop and Shop for groceries for one dinner meal (Teriyaki Chicken and Ham Fried Rice) and a few breakfast meals (cereal, eggs, milk, etc.) and spent over $240! Looking through their weekly store ad there was only 1 or 2 ‘great’ deals in their entire store-ahh! I had to take a picture of my sister and the receipt because we were so shocked at the prices of their food–$4 a gallon of milk, $2 a dozen eggs, $4/lb. grapes, $1/lb. bananas, $2+/lb. apples, $4/lb. ground beef, $4/lb. sausage, $3 a loaf of bread, etc. Ahhh!! How could I survive there??? I don’t know how we would feed our family of 6 on prices like that, let alone get our food storage. So, if any of you live back East (or anywhere with outrageous food prices), let me know how you do it–keep your grocery budget low while still getting your food storage? I would love to hear what you do to make it work.

Either way, it was a wonderful week and I came home feeling grateful for so many big and small blessings we take for granted on a regular basis. We are so blessed!!

(We couldn’t go a day without stopping in the pastry shops in Boston and on the Cape–they were amazing. Boston Cream pastries being my favorite!)

(Fresh Fish is also something we don’t get here in Utah (unless you go to Market Street Grill–my favorite restaurant!! We had fish everyday we were in Boston. My favorite was the broiled Halibut, Haddock and Lobster Rolls. My husband on the other hand preferred plates of deep fat fried fish–no surprise he gained 10 pounds in one week. I do have to say it was worth every pound though–yum!!)