May is the birthday month in our family. We have 8 birthdays within a one week period in our family. We tried in the beginning to have individual birthday parties for each cousin, but that didn’t last very long. It was non stop birthday parties until we realized it was easier to just combine the birthday parties into one extra special day. We all get together for dinner, play games, watch movies, and eat LOTS of birthday cake! I wanted to post about these SIMPLE four birthday cakes that could work for ANY occasion. My son wanted a basketball cake and his cousin Jake wanted a BYU football cake. So..we decided to stick with the ‘ball’ theme to make it easy. My daughter is on a volleyball team this year and so she chose to have a volleyball cake. My little nephew didn’t get a choice and got a baseball–he seemed pretty happy with that 🙂

How do you make these ball cakes? All you need to do is bake four 8 inch cake rounds (grease pans well so the cake can come out without sticking to the sides). Empty out the cakes on serving plates and freeze for a few minutes until they are firm. Make frosting beginning with white frosting (use shortening or cream cheese to keep the frosting completely white). Frost the volleyball and baseball cakes first with the white frosting. Turn the rest of the frosting into orange frosting (orange die) and use for the basketball cake. Make another small batch of chocolate frosting and use that for the football cake. Using licorice (for the baseball cake) and chocolate chips, decorate the ball cakes as desired.

In less than an hour you will have four adorable ball cakes! No need to spend all day in the kitchen or spend a fortune on pre-made cakes, these cakes are adorable and CHEAP! Yeah 🙂

For more cake ideas, visit the following post about birthday cake ideas and tips.

(My cute sister who is patient enough to share her birthday with all these cute nieces and nephews! Her brownie parfait helped her feel better!)

(I love that little boys can be so excited about ANOTHER ball for their birthday–such a simple object and yet it brings so much joy!)