Hawaiian Haystacks is a family tradition that I remembered being started from my Grandma. The reason this meal was so loved by all of the grandchildren was because of the many options and choices. I always remember learning in school to eat a plate full of color and this dish does exactly that. This dish helps kids “try” many different foods and with out fail they end up with a very colorful plate, that’s healthy too. I think this is why my kids really enjoy this meal. The options are limitless. Just think how much fun your kids will have when you present them with all of these choices.


Hawaiian Haystacks
Chicken Gravy
  1. 2 ½ lbs. of chicken breast
  2. 1 cup diced carrots
  3. 1 t. salt
  4. 1/8 t. pepper
  5. 1 T. parsley
  6. ½ t. basil
  7. 1 quart water
  8. 3 Cans, Cream of Chicken Soup
  9. 2 chicken bouillon cubes
  10. 2-3 cup Long grain rice, cooked
  1. mandarin oranges
  2. shredded cheddar cheese
  3. Chinese noodles
  4. green pepper
  5. coconut
  6. pineapple
  7. tomatoes
  8. raisins
  9. green onions
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Cut chicken into chunks. Add chicken to water and other ingredients. Boil until chicken and carrots are tender. Pour all but 1 ½ c. water out. Add 2 chicken bouillon cubes and mix in 3 cans of cream of chicken soup. Let simmer until warm. Add additional salt & pepper if desired. Place chicken gravy over rice and add the following
  1. *This recipe freezes very well. Double the amount of the chicken gravy and place in freezer for later.
  2. **I have also been in a rush and cooked my chicken in a Crockpot until tender. Then I just placed it in the gravy mixture. Both ways taste great. Keep this meal simple because it’s a delicious recipe and very easy!
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