PRINTER FRIENDLY HANDOUT ON SUGAR: Handout with information and recipes to help you with your sugar storage.

PRINTER FRIENDLY SUGAR RECIPES: Fun holiday and food storage recipes that use the different types of sugar in your storage: molasses, honey, brown/powdered sugar, etc.
Why store sugar or sweeteners in your food storage? Sugar, although not the healthiest item to store in your food storage is very important. When used in moderation, sugar can bring many added benefits to your long term storage. Some of the reasons to store sugar, and other sweeteners, in your food storage is the following:
*Gives flavor to your food
*Makes bland foods such as oatmeal, wheat, rice and flour more appetizing
*Base of nearly all baked goods, candy and treats
*Different types of sugar give variety of flavors to your cooking (molasses, honey, brown sugar, etc.)
*A staple ingredient in homemade bread
*Indefinite shelf life–lasts forever
*Doesn’t grow mold or microbes
*Health benefits can be found from using natural honey as a sweetener
*Used in canning and preserving fruit and other foods

How should sugar be stored? Keep your white, brown and powdered sugar in a cool, dry place. Moisture will make your sugar turn into hard clumps. Keep your sugar in an airtight plastic container or tote for best storage results. Sugar will also absorb flavors around it, so keep it sealed the best you can. Don’t stress can always chisel away at your sugar if needed. If your honey turns crystallized, just warm up your honey in the microwave or put the jar under hot water and it will become smooth again.

What types of sugar should you store? (Totals are for a year supply PER person)*White granulated sugar = 40-50 lbs. per person*Powdered sugar = 6 lbs. per person*Brown sugar = 6 lbs. per person*Honey = 6 lbs. per person*Molasses = 1 jar per person*Jam = 2-3 jars per person*Syrup = 2-3 jars per person*Puddings and jellos = 3 lbs. per person*Corn syrup = 1 jar per person*Hot cocoa mix or fruit drink mix = 1-2 lbs. per person

EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS GOAL: Purchase practical emergency preparedness supplies for the holidays. Christmas time is a wonderful time to stock up your food storage and build up your emergency preparedness efforts. Give the gift of preparedness to your family members. The gift of peace and security will be a great blessing to your family for many years to come.
PRINTER FRIENDLY HANDOUT : Printable Christmas List
Here are a few gift ideas that may help you with your gift giving:

*GIFT CERTIFICATE to Deals to Meals. Give your family and friends the gift of time and money! For UNDER $5 you can help your loved ones save on their groceries, have their meals planned for them and help them learn how to stock up and cook from their food storage.
*72 hour kits
*First aid supplies
*Flashlights and extra batteries
*Jumper cables
*Fuel for camp stoves or grills
*Camping stove
*Water storage containers
*Water purifier
*Heavy duty work gloves
*MRE or ready to eat meals
*Protein or emergency calorie food bars
*Warm winter clothing, scarves, hats, snow pants
*Seeds for the garden
*Blankets, sleeping bags
*Car kits
*Canning or dehydrating items
*Solar or propane oven
*Wheat grinder (hand held or electric)
*Pressure cooker
*Extra gas for generator
*Winter clothing: coats, rain jackets, gloves, scarves, hats, etc.
*Tent or canopies
*Propane lanterns
*Heavy duty rope
*Camping supplies
*Guns and extra ammunition
*Basic food storage items: wheat, flour, sugar, powdered milk, powdered eggs, honey, etc.