It’s a new month and a new positively preparing focus (sorry I am late, we were out of town)! This month we will be focusing on ways we can use our salt, spices and condiments in our food storage. Your goal before the end of the month should be to have your 3 month supply of salt and spices in your storage.

When I was first married I knew I wanted to have food storage, but because we were poor college students I decided the best place to start would be with our salt supply. I was thrilled when I came home with my husband’s and my year supply of salt–all for under $3! We didn’t have money to buy much more of everything else, but at least we had our salt 😉 If you are just beginning building up your food supply, make it your goal to get your year supply of salt. The least expensive place to buy salt is at either Costco or Sam’s Club. You can buy a 25 lb. bag of salt for under $4. For a family of 6 your year supply of salt would cost $8–not bad! The benefits of having salt and flavoring in your food storage will be well worth the $8 price tag.

Of course salt is not the only spice you should store in your food storage. There are many different types of spices that you should also store for added flavor and variety. These spices would vary depending on those meals and recipes you like to cook. I would recommend going through your favorite family meals and writing down the spices you need for each recipe. Once you have a list of those spices your family uses, make sure you have AT LEAST one or two jars extra of each spice. Spices can be bought at nearly every grocery store, but I would recommend purchasing spices at Costco, Sam’s Club or Winco (they sell spices in bulk for great prices!). Whereever you choose to purchase them, just make sure you have a good variety and enough to flavor all of the food you are storing in your food storage.

I have put together a handout that may help you with your spice list. I have listed several spices and meal ideas that go along with each group of spices. Good luck working on your goals this month and becoming better prepared 🙂


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Also, if you want to keep inventory of your spices, use our Food Storage Inventory Sheet.