It was our annual family trip to CA a week ago, so the tradition of a family taste test lived on once again! This tradition started many years ago and we have taste tested pretty much everything from chocolate milk to macaroni & cheese. Last year we tested chocolate chip cookies and this year we decided to taste test potato chips and ranch dip. Yum, is all I have to say!
Every year we send the men of the family to the store to solve the daunting task of deciding what food item we should taste test this year. We were not overly shocked when they came back with 9 different bags of potato chips and 9 bottles of ranch dressing. After 5000 calories, 40 grams of fat and a whole lot of salt, later we have found a winner!

My dad is the ring leader of the taste offs and he sets up the tasting table in a very methodical and orderly way. Here he is numbering and labeling for the blind taste off–we love that he takes it so seriously!
I was shocked at the variety of looks and tastes that were found in regular potato chips and ranch dip. I never would have thought there would be so many differences. After many tastes and re-tastes it was a landslide win for the following….CONGRATULATIONS to Lay’s! They obviously know what they are doing because their ranch and potato chips won.

We also found a tip when choosing ranch dressing. Other than the Lay’s dip, the best ranch dressings were those that were made with a ranch packet/mix. The processed bottled ranch dressings had a liquified sweet flavor that was nasty! Take the few extra minutes and make up your own ranch, you won’t be sorry! For example, the Hidden Valley bottled ranch dressing was voted the second worst ranch in our contest, but the homemade Hidden Valley ranch from the packet was in the top three best ranches. Scratch is always best 🙂

**For those who are ranch connoisseurs and can’t eat any-old ranch, there was a unanimous second place winner in our contest, and that was Uncle Dan’s Ranch Dressing. It was sold at Costco for a brief (way too brief) moment, but can now only be bought online (unless someone knows other wise–if you could find somewhere to buy it for less it would make my year!!). Any-who, it is by far the best ranch mix you will ever taste!