Positively Preparing Food Storage Goal: Obtain your family’s three month supply of pasta (approx. 10 lbs. per person)

Pasta is a basic food storage item that many families eat on a regular basis. It is important to store in your 3 month supply foods your family is comfortable and used to eating. Pasta is a great option for many families. It can be made several different ways to add variety to your meal plan and diet. SHELF LIFE OF PASTA: Dried pasta will last anywhere from 5 to 30 years, depending how it is packaged and stored. Pasta in a bag or box will last up to 5-10 years. Pasta sealed or canned in a #10 can or mylar bag will last up to 30 years. If kept in a cool, dry place, pasta will not go ‘bad’, it will just lose it’s nutritional value over time. As long as the noodles are dry, and in their original container (that does not seem to have moisture damage) the pasta will be fine to eat. Pasta is a great long term food storage item because it can last for a very long time on your shelf.
DIFFERENCE BETWEEN WHEAT & REGULAR PASTA: When possible, store as much wheat pasta as you can. White pasta is pretty much empty calories and has little nutritional value. Whole wheat pasta has a slightly different texture than regular white pasta. If your family does not enjoy the texture of whole wheat pasta, you can find high fiber pastas that look and taste like white pasta, but have added fiber and nutrients in the pasta. Most white pastas only have about 1 g. of fiber per serving. Whole wheat pastas can get up to 8 g. of fiber per serving. This is a big difference and a great way to introduce fiber into your family’s diet.
HOW TO COOK & USE YOUR PASTA If you are storing large amounts of pasta in your food storage (40 lbs. per person is approximately a year supply), it is important to store ingredients that can be made into sauces or toppings for your pasta. Pasta is dry and tasteless by itself so you will want to also store things like; spaghetti sauce, alfredo sauce ingredients, asian sauce ingredients, pesto ingredients for a pesto sauce, tomatoes & spices for homemade marinara sauce, etc. These items will help give your pasta flavor and help your family enjoy eating pasta long term from storage.
Below are a few of my favorite pasta dishes we have posted on our blog in the past couple of years.