How was everone’s Memorial weekend? Here in Utah it was rainy and cold, but we ended up having a wonderful weekend despite the bad weather. This past weekend was a reunion filled few days of fun! We had three reunions in four days. I know many people are not huge reunion-type-folk, but I actually really enjoy them. It is fun to go to each reunion and see how different each family group is. We have the really quite, serious reunion where we enjoy hours of calm visiting and then we have the crazy-fun reunion on my Dad’s side. Both fun, just different.

My cute Grandma Lucy (who we all love dearly!!) was born into a family with 8 brothers and sisters. Each of their siblings are such fun loving, wonderful people. There is not a time in my life that I haven’t seen my Grandma with a big smile on her face. She is always happy and has a contagious laugh you can’t help but love. She is one of my heroes and someone I have always looked up to (probably because she has traits I am wanting to improve on..just ask my kids, I don’t always have a smile on my face 😉
She raised three amazing boys and two darling girls. How did she do that and still come out so happy? I am so grateful for her, because without her, I wouldn’t have my Dad–who is another one of my heroes. Sappy..I know.

(My dad and his two brothers–they are loving me taking their pictures, can you tell?)

Anyway, I had to share this SUPER DUPER fun idea we did at our family reunion in case you are in need of a fun family activity. This game would actually be fun for any large group event you have coming up (youth activity, church activity, friend game night, birthday party, etc.) I can almost guarantee I am the last one on the planet to learn about the t.v. show Minute to Win It. I am SO out of the loop on entertainment. My husband and I run around with our heads cut off with our business and practically never have a free second to turn on the t.v. So, if you are like me and live in a cave and didn’t know about this show…it is SO fun!! My Grandma and aunts planned a huge copy-cat version of this show. It was seriously a riot! I won’t go into too many details, other than it was competitive, fun, challenging, loud, crazy, hilarious, embarrassing, and a great get-to-know you game.

I know this doesn’t have anything to do with food, food storage, grocery shopping or anything else we talk about on this blog, but I hope you enjoy this fun idea. I am all about anything that pulls the family together–family dinner, family traditions and fun-family ideas 🙂 is a brief low down on what we did.

Divide your group into 1-6 teams (we had over 130 people so we did 6 teams). We had one person being the score keeper and one person being the game show host. We then had a couple of people behind black boards (we had to have the reunion in a church building because it was raining outside), who put all of the events together behind the scenes. The host would then call up one person from each team and then he would announce the challenge the people had to accomplish in one minute to win. I have created a word document with some of the games we played with their descriptions so you can print off the list and pick and choose which games would work for your event. The great thing about these games is they used items you most likely have around the house–balloons, golf balls, toilet paper, bubble gum, etc.

MINUTE TO WIN IT GAME IDEAS –printable download

Another idea for friends and family is to have your own Iron Chef competition. We did this a few months ago and it was a blast!

One more really fun game we played with all of the little kids (it’s also fun with adults) is Human Paper Rock Scissors. You divide into two teams and stand at opposite ends of a field, park (or gym). As a team you decide what you are going to be (paper, rock or scissors). You then meet both teams in a line in the middle of the field and on the count of three act out which of those three things you want to be (paper–stand straight and tall and raise your hands in the air, rock–hold still with your arms to your side, or scissors–hands out straight in front of you in scissor position). The team that has the winning ‘action’ gets to chase the other team and tag them to come back to their side. Those people who get to their teams’ original side are free. Those that were tagged have to go to the other teams’ side. Sounds crazy, but it is a lot of fun and is good at wearing kids out 😉