Get Prepared with this First Aid Kit valued over $75.00!

National Preparedness month is coming up in September so we wanted to giveaway one of the most important preparedness items you can have- a heavy duty and loaded First Aid Kit. Most of us hopefully have a first aid kit somewhere in our home for an emergency but this is not your basic $10-$20 kit. We have spoken with nurses, medical supply stores, paramedics, EMT’s etc. to find out what items everyone needs to have in a first aid kit that typically does not come in the basic kits and created one of our own. As a neighborhood we put dozens upon dozens of these kits together for each other and it sure feels good to have these additional first aid items packaged together in a nice carrying case and ready for use. We loved it so much that we decided to give one away to one of you!

Here are some of the items included in the kit:

First Aid Kit

1 plastic carrying container

2 (6 ct.) steri strips

1 twin flat sheet (great for carrying people, cutting into strips, use for slings, etc.)

1 triangle bandage

1 pair large paramedic scissors

2 finger splints

4 latex gloves

1 hand sanitizer

12 anti diarrheal pills

1 bottle ibuprofen

2 gauze rolls

25 cotton applicators

10 cotton balls

12 alcohol towelettes

5 butterfly bandages

4 poridone iodine pads

1 microprone tape

1 ace bandage

1 3inch gauze roll

1 5×9 ABD pad

1 8×10 ABD pad

2 30×30 inch pad

20 4×4 inch gauze pads

10 3×3 inch gauze pads

10 2×2 inch gauze pads

100 assorted small bandages

6 bacitracin pkgs.

3 antiseptic wipes

80 hand wipes

5 triple antibiotic ointments

5 sheer bandages

1 first aid guide

1 first aid burn cream pouch

1 CPR mask and carrying case

*Other items we put in our neighborhood kits were Airway Kits, Splints and CPR Masks. With these items and the ones above, you would have a kit that could treat most trauma situations or injuries.

For those wanting to put together kits of your own, or put together neighborhood kits, I would recommend going to a medical supply store and asking for a discount if you buy in bulk. I went to Wasatch Medical Supply and they gave us an awesome discount because we made 65 kits for our neighborhood. For some of the items, the best prices we found were all on ebay. We got our splints, airway kits, steri strips, CPR masks, hand sanitizer, containers, and triangle bandages for almost 1/2 the price they would be at a medical supply store, online on ebay. You gotta’ love Ebay ๐Ÿ˜‰ Hope that helps answer your questions on where and what to buy. Thanks!

So the final question you all have is HOW TO ENTER for this awesome kit? Here’s how:

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Let’s all make our goal to get a little more prepared before September ends. Good Luck!