It’s been awhile since I have talked about emergency preparedness on our blog. I guess my love of food has taken over a little of my passion for preparedness. That…or, I feel like I have harped on all of you enough 🙂 Either way, I was sent a link to a couple past Glenn Beck program’s that I thought you might be interested in. On his show they were talking about preparedness efforts, and ways to get your family prepared for future natural or economic disasters. The information was not new, but they might be worth watching to get you thinking of new ways to prepare. They are short clips on the importance of food storage, emergency preparedness efforts and ways to communicate in an emergency. I think a HAM radio is next on my hobby list. I think not having contact with loved ones following a disaster would be traumatizing. Something for me to think more about!

I appreciated their comments on the importance of working together as a community and encouraging friends and neighbors to get prepared. The city we live in is HUGE into preparedness and I have had a chance to work closely with our city officials in putting together a preparedness plan. There is great peace of mind when you work together to help everyone become better prepared. If you have read this blog for awhile, I hope my love and passion for this cause has helped you find practical ways to put your efforts into practice. Let’s all continue to work together to help our neighbors get involved and prepare for our family’s future!

(Has anyone watched that series Doomsday Preppers? Now that is preparedness at it’s best (a little crazy..but fascinating!)

I would love to hear your comments! What is your family doing currently to become better prepared? Let’s learn from each other and continue this important effort throughout the year 😉

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