(Remember to get the kids involved with your garden!  It teaches many life lessons & the value of hard work. Not to mention they’re cute little fingers planting itty-bitty seeds are so cute..it’s priceless!)

I can’t believe it has been a year since we began the journey of putting together our garden boxes.  We had such great success last year, we were anxious to get back in the dirt and give it another go-round!  If you are new to square foot gardening, read our previous posts on how we got started with this new method of gardening.  It was SO great this year to be able to go up to the garden, fluff the dirt around with a rake, pull a handful of weeds (hardly any!) and begin planting.  It couldn’t get easier!!  The previous 8 years we would have to add more compost to the ground, till in the dirt (major pain!), rake the dirt, and pull a hundred thousand weeds before we got started (okay..maybe not that many, but it sure felt like it!).  The no-fuss square foot garden’s are so great they allow me more time to do a little spring cleaning (which is where I really need help 🙂

If you would like more information on square foot gardening, visit one of my favorite gardening website’s for great tips & tricks.  Remember, a garden is a great investment and helps combat higher food prices.  The expense of putting in a garden is pretty much a one-time fee and then you will continually reap the rewards of your efforts.  To have access to fresh fruits & vegetables from your own yard is such a blessing and can help you feel even more self reliant–a great feeling!  Happy gardening.

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