I know Halloween is nearly over, but I am excited to share one of my favorite Halloween traditions with you. Besides the fact my husband grills over 300 hot dogs Halloween night and we have a fun time hanging out with neighbors and friends, my second favorite Halloween tradition is our annual ‘Chicks with Sticks’ party. I have two of the most crafty gals for friends. Holly & Betsy are amazing party planners and do such a great job every year planning and decorating for our annual witches party. I am pretty much good for nothing when it comes to helping them plan this party, other than helping make sure we have enough food. Other than that, I just come and enjoy a fun night with all of our friends, eat delicious food, play games and have fun dressing up in our witches costumes (who says kids get all the fun! 🙂 If you want a fun women’s night out, get all of your friends together, dress up as witches and have a good, fun time!

We had over 60 witches at our party this year! Our favorite decoration was cut out bats that we strung from the ceiling with fishing wire. Find the template on Martha Stewart or Pintrest 😉

 Diana of course had to bring her ‘famous’ crescent rolls. She is hands down the BEST roll maker I know!

Betsy & Holly saved money on decorations by going to the D.I. and buying used plates (or bowls) and vases and then glued them together and spray painted them black. They made for darling center pieces. They also used Christmas decorations that they could use again on their tree to help be more resourceful. They also spray painted pumpkins black and painted cute stencils on the sides of the pumpkins. They added a nice touch and looked so elegant. Our color scheme for our party was purple, green, white and black. It was darling!

We also had prizes for the scariest costume, cutest witch, best appetizer, best dessert and best soup. These marshmallow brownies our friend made from Pintrest were spooky & really fun!

 I loved this idea of shrunken witches heads in wassail. All you do is make wassail, place in your crock pot and then prepare your apples. Cut your apples in half, peel and remove the seeds. With a pairing knife, cut witches faces into the top of the apples. Place them in the wassail and watch them float. They make for a fun and decorative drink for any Halloween party. Have fun planning your parties this year! Remember to keep it simple, use what you already have in your house, delegate different aspects of the food to make it easier and invite as many friends & family as you can. This type of party is a great way to get to know all of the women in your neighborhood. We all had such a great time, we are already excited for next year!