I can’t believe it is garden-time already! Could that picture get any cuter? My youngest son cracks me up! It is funny (or should I say sad?) how the older my kids get, the less they want to hang out with me. I knew those days would come but I am sad they seem to be coming sooner than I expected. Everyone wants to be with their friends and the only one left wanting to hang out with Mom is my not-so-baby Blake. What would I do without his smiley face and chubby cheeks with me all the time? Sadly, I know his day will come too when friends will out-win Mom, but for now, I enjoyed a morning in the garden with my little buddy 😉 Don’t you love the humongous sun hat he is wearing? I bought this to help shade my burned skin and it has become a favorite of mine…and my kids. They think it’s an umbrella and like to stand under it by me. It sure makes gardening a little more doable.


Well, I have been a little lazy and am a week late for planting my garden. However, it was good to be back up digging in the dirt again. I am still a HUGE fan of the garden boxes we made a couple of years ago. Weeding takes literally 15 minutes and with a little tilling of the dirt with a rake, I was ready to plant in just a short few minutes. I spent $50 at our local IFA store and I was able to buy/plant several different kinds of pepper plants, tomatoes, egg plants, green cabbage, spinach, lettuce, green beans, bell peppers, sweet peas, butternut squash, banana squash, strawberries, zucchinis (TONS–I love zucchini!), yellow squash, broccoli and herbs. The great thing about planter boxes if you plant the different vegetables, set your sprinkler to water regularly, all you to do is wait patiently for everything to grow. I don’t do anything from now until harvest season. The dirt creates the magic and helps things grow quickly and well! If you want more info about what type of dirt combination I used in my garden boxes, visit this post for lots of tips 😉

(Don’t you love his backwards shirt? It looks like I should spend less time in the kitchen and more time teaching my son how to dress himself 😉

If you are new to gardening, don’t be afraid. Start small. There is no need to be discouraged. You can grow anything from fresh herbs in a pot, to a couple plants along your house or on your deck in a flower pot. I promise, once you begin having fresh produce from your own yard, you will be addicted! I am far from having a green thumb…like I said, it takes a little kick in the pants to get me out there, but once I have my plants in the ground, the rest is easy. Having a garden is a great way to help your monthly food budget stretch in the summer months. With a $50 investment (once you have the boxes built) you will reap BIG money-saving rewards later in the year. Happy gardening!

 (If only the obnoxious weeds around the garden boxes were as easy to pull as the ones inside! I guess that will have to happen another day.)