Along with our Iron Chef Competition the children (and adults) always look forward to our annual taste tests. This is where our family chooses one (or several) items we would like to taste test and decide which brand, product or flavor is our favorite. We have done this tradition for many years now and each year the kids get a kick out of it. All week we talk about what item/s we should taste test and then Papi and the Dad’s go shopping and come back with their surprise of what the items will be. This year they decided to go with a  fun taste test of which brand of cereal tastes the best. Because Malt-O-Meal cereals are generally less per ounce than the name brand cereals, my Dad wanted to find out if these knock-off brands are as good. Kind of ironic that when we were children these would have never been cereals found in our cupboard. I guess that’s the benefit of being a Grandpa. Ha!

My Dad had a heck of a time putting together this ‘scientific’ taste test with 40+ bowls of cereal for many hungry children and parents 😉 The kids thought this taste test was their absolute favorite so far–okay, well maybe next to the chocolate chip cookie taste off. They were thrilled to not eat the ‘healthy’ cereals their mom’s brought for breakfast the other mornings and were anxious to eat as much sugar cereal as their little hearts desired. We didn’t tell them that it was also a break for us mom’s. We ate out by the pool, threw the bowls away and were thrilled to go on with our day with no dishes. A win-win for all of us 🙂

 Could these boys be any happier? Who wouldn’t love marshmallows for breakfast 😉
Since I am sure you are all dying to know which cereal won the taste off you might be surprised that Malt-O-Meal won both the Lucky Charm and Captain Crunch taste off. In both cases there were more votes for the bagged cereal than the name brand. The Marshmallow Matey’s came in way ahead with only 3 out of 27 votes going towards the Lucky Charms. I was actually pretty surprised by that. The Captain Crunch taste off was a little closer with only a 3 vote win for the Berry Collasal Crunch winning over the Crunch Berry cereal. We had to laugh when we looked at the nutritional value differences between the four different cereals and wasn’t too surprised that the bagged cereal had more calories, more sugar and more fat than the name brand cereals. I guess I have to take part of the blame, considering my sugar tooth gene must have spread to my kids too 🙂 Sorry kiddos!