Last weekend our family spent our fall break in St. George visiting
my husband’s brother and his wife. Judi is an amazing long arm quilter
and has a blog and website that you will totally love. We love getting
together and talking about our website’s and getting the updates of how
business is going. She usually shows me her latest sewing projects and I
usually spend the weekend cooking and sharing with them some of my
favorite recipes. Saturday night instead of cooking dinner at home our
husbands had a crazy-fun idea to find the BEST bacon cheeseburger in St.
George (Utah). It was a challenge I was totally up for! I secretly have a dream of being a professional food critique. I can’t eat anything without analyzing the flavors to the point of driving my husband crazy 😉 So, we were all excited to get the kids settled and to head out the door on our date.

My husband and his brother are obsessed with hamburgers and
hot dogs. It it weren’t for us wives restricting their diets, I think
their veins would be filled with them. I have to admit every now and
then I do enjoy a really good burger. I can pass completely on a fast
food burger, but a gourmet burger I admit I do enjoy. We picked 8
gourmet burger restaurants we thought would be fun to try in St. George (our criteria was a burger over $6).
At each restaurant we would order one bacon cheeseburger and have them
cut it in fourths. We would also order a small fry. At the first couple
places we ate we gobbled down the burger and all of the fries. By the
end we were barely eating one bite of the burgers and a couple fries. I
don’t ever want to know how many calories we consumed, but it sure was
fun! I wouldn’t recommend doing this every weekend but if you
want to get a group of friends together and do a taste-test it makes for
a really fun night.

Okay, how we did our judging. We
would return to our car after each place and grade the burger and fries
on several criteria. We would rank the size of the burger, overall
quality of the burger, quality and quantity of the bacon, quality of the
fries and their fry sauce. We gave a maximum of 25 points possible and
ranked them according to their over-all total. Here are the results of
our first-annual restaurant taste off (watch for more coming soon!). I would LOVE to hear where you get your favorite burger? We are wanting to do this again soon in the Salt Lake Valley (once we lose a couple pounds that is ;), so watch for that.

We LOVE One Hot Grill and were thrilled when they came in first place. They make amazing gourmet hot dogs and their burgers are just as great. It was juicy, flavorful, had a spongy homemade bun, filled with great toppings and their fries and fry sauce won the best fry too. This small, eatery is on Tabernacle street and could easily be missed. It is locally owned by a really sweet man and it is one of St. George’s best kept secrets. If you want a fabulous burger with a perfectly crispy battered french fry…with homemade fry sauce, you must go here. Support a small, local business owner and be glad to know you are eating the best burger and fries available (in our book anyway) you can get in St. George!

Player’s Sports Grill had the second best burger. Their fries were good but nothing too great. However, if you want a large, juicy burger topped with awesome crispy bacon, this is the burger for you! A little on the pricy side at $12.30, but worth every penny if you want a gourmet burger.

Apollo Burger has always been a favorite of my husbands. It it weren’t for the strong, white onion on this burger it could have been in my top one or two. There was plenty of bacon, was a great size burger and their fries are also one of my favorites. A great, all around awesome burger at a little lower price.

Smash Burger and Five Guys came in just about even-steven. The thing I love about these two places is you can add as many toppings and sauces as you want. I love a saucy, dripping burger and these two places give you just that. Five Guys has great cajun fries and Smash Burger has a special ‘smash sauce’ that makes their burger special to me. These two places are a great option if you want a less expensive, yet filling burger.

We were shocked to have Red Robin’s burger be ranked so poorly! If it weren’t for their awesome fries they would have been almost dead last. Their burger really was quite flavorless, dry and not great. The next time we go there we will just have a batch of fries and call it good.

I had never been to a Freddy’s before but thought their burger was kind of fun. They are known for their sirloin burgers and it had great flavor. However, it was pretty small, had a super thin patty and nothing too crazy to talk about. It was the second less expensive burger at $5 and a good value if you’re keeping to a budget.

Larson’s has been around for a long time and have that cheap-greasy-diner-burger down just right. Nothing high quality or fabulous but has an over-all pretty good taste. Not my style of a burger but has a nastalgic feel that I’m sure many people love 😉

So, go out and get yourself a burger of your choice. Many to choose from but no two are created equal. Now we just have to decide what we will be taste-testing next. If you have any fun ideas of places you would like us to try, leave us a comment and let us know your thoughts 😉