There are several ways you can create your grocery list using the Deals to Meals website:

Click on any of the links for a tutorial…

  1. Using the Deals to Meals Meal Planner
  2. Using your own Meal Planner (or modifying the Deals to Meals Meal Planner)
  3. Using the weekly grocery deals
  4. Use the quick-print PDF or Excel

To use this method login to your Deals to Meals account and do the following:

  • Click on the Deals icon in the top navigation bar

  • Once on the Deals page use the Sort/Filter options to show the deals you want to view

  • Use the Search icon next to the deals/ingredients you want to find recipes for

  • Choose the recipe(s) you want to make and click on it

  • Once on the recipe you can click on the “Find Deals” button toward the bottom to immediately get your grocery list for this recipe, or you can click on the “Add to Meal Planner” button and repeat these first steps and add several recipes to a meal planner and then create your grocery list with several recipes

  • After clicking on the “Find Deals” button on the recipe page, select the ingredients that you need to buy or use the “Select All” button to add all ingredients to your list and then click the “Find Deals” button on the ingredient page.

  • The ingredients that you selected from your recipe(s) will show up as buttons on the Deals Page.  Every time you click on a specific ingredient button our system will search for everywhere that item is on sale based on the store(s) you have saved in your account for us to search (hint: you can always click on the “Select Your Stores” icon to add, remove, or change your selected stores). When you find the ingredient that you are looking for click on the “+” icon to add that to your shopping list or use the “Write in” button. Once you have added the ingredient to your shopping list then the button will remain highlighted on the page so you know that you have already added that item to your list.


  • When you’re done with the deals page then click on your Shopping List where you can Add/Remove any additional items, adjust the quantity, Sort by “Store” or by “Type”(Type would sort produce, meat, dairy, etc. together instead of by store) and print it out.