What a fun weekend I had! My sister and friend joined me at Jordan’s Frugality Boot camp and we had a great time. Jordan did a fabulous job hosting another successful boot camp and I was honored to be one of their presenters again. Any time I can talk about grocery shopping, meal planning and food storage I am one happy gal! Stay tuned on her blog to how you can purchase her entire boot camp (including my classes) on video.

In my class I stressed the importance of NEVER paying full price on groceries. Seem hard to believe that can be done? I promise it can! With a little planning and help from our website we can help you know which deals each week are the best priced. The picture above shows groceries I bought last week that I showed at my class. Everything in that pile averaged over 50% off Walmart’s already low prices. Many items were on sale up to 63%. Who doesn’t want to get 60% off their groceries? By knowing which items are on sale each week, and learning to NOT purchase those that are not, you can literally save $100’s each month. 

Many people think they don’t have time to be a smart shopper. That is why Deals to Meals exists! I wanted to make shopping (and meal planning) easy for busy family’s. All you have to do is login, click on the stores you want to shop at, choose the items you want to purchase and then go shopping. You can price match everything at Walmart or choose the stores that have the best deals.

For example, this week I didn’t need a big Walmart shopping trip but I did want to run and take advantage of some of the great deals at Smiths (or Kroger). Do you need toilet paper? They have a great deal on Cottonelle toilet paper and Brawny Paper Towels. Do you need cereal?  They have General Mills cereal on sale for $1.99. With a printed coupon from coupons.com (THE ONLY coupons I ever clip), you get .50 off each box. That makes each box $1.49–you can’t beat that!

Need pasta in your food storage? They also have a fabulously, wonderful deal on pasta. If your family eats pasta then STOCK UP this week while it is only .49 per pound. That is a crazy-good deal. That is 67% off the regular price. For a year supply of pasta each person should have about 40 lbs.–that’s only $20 for a YEAR SUPPLY of pasta. Love it!! Login to our website to find ALL of the best deals in your area. I spent just over $70 at Smiths and saved $52.

You can save on groceries too! Let Deals to Meals help make this simple and fun! 🙂