Have I mentioned before I love The Sandwich King? Besides Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, this is my next favorite food network show. I don’t have cable t.v. but whenever I go to my sisters house she shows me her favorite episodes that she has recorded. She saved an episode of The Sandwich King for these Tacos al Pastor and I knew we had to try them asap. My sister actually made them for a ladies lunch and they were AWESOME! The recipe says to use pork butt, but we just used pork chops and cut them into cubes (everything else in the recipe we did the same). The tacos came together really quickly and the fresh pineapple salsa on top was a fabulous combination with the spicy pork. If you need a new, low calorie recipe, this is the one for you! Great for anyone trying to stick to those good ol’ new year’s resolutions 😉 We had three tacos and didn’t even have to feel guilty–loved them!! Enjoy 🙂

Here’s this delicious recipe 🙂