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I have great friends. I have patient friends. I have friends who love me even though as long as I’ve known them I bug them about everything having to do with grocery shopping and saving money. Did I mention they are patient? I tend to be a little fanatical about these things and the other day I couldn’t stand it one more second that some of my dearest friends do not use my website…and do not price match (heaven forbid!). Ha! It’s not about them using their friends silly website, it’s about them saving money. Not just a little money…a LOT of money! Some of my friends have been spending nearly double what their family could be spending on their food budget. You add that several hundred dollars they could be saving each month over the next year and you are looking at a few thousand dollars. Now doesn’t a fun trip somewhere exotic (like Hawaii?) sound way more fun than spending money on groceries? That’s a no brainer for me 😉

The best part about saving money on groceries is it is NOT hard! I know price matching can be scary. I know using a new website can also be intimidating. However, with a little patience and some effort you can save money too. My friends were literally petrified at the thought of price matching. I drug them along and showed them just how easy it was. Despite the fact they were sweating and nearly had an anxiety attack, we all survived and they were shocked at how much money they saved. They thought for sure their carts of groceries would be around $300. To their surprise their 10 day meal plan and extra food storage items only came to $116! You would have thought they won the lottery. They were taking pictures, calling their husbands and instagramming all of their savings. The best part about this savings spree is it can happen EVERY time you shop!

Simply login to our website, choose the stores you want to shop at (or the ones with the best deals in your area), click on the items you want to purchase and away you go. You can shop at the individual stores or do some one stop shopping at Walmart and are a penny pincher shopper at it’s best. The best part is if you need help knowing what to make for dinner, our website helps you with that to. Follow our meal plan suggestions and you will save even more money by having your meals planned based on what’s on sale.

Remember, everyone is welcome to try our service for FREE for two weeks to see just how easy saving money can be. Also, for those who missed our post a year ago about ways to save money on groceries, here is a refresher course for you–just follow the link 🙂